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Natural Coconut  Candle Wax, Bulk
Natural Coconut  Candle Wax, Bulk
Natural Coconut  Candle Wax, Bulk
Natural Coconut  Candle Wax, Bulk

Natural Coconut Candle Wax, Bulk

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All natural container blend. 90% coconut wax blended with a PROPRIETARY fortified blend of vegetable waxes to improve burn quality and increase scent throw. Ready to use. No blending or additives required.

Melt Point: 127 Degrees F

If you're looking for a wax with superior scent throw, excellent color retention and glass adhesion, This wax is for you. Create a luxury line of candles for your customers or make candles for personal use with this all natural coconut candle wax.

Wax Specifications:
All Natural Container Blend
Melt Point: 124-127 Degrees F
Fragrance Load 8-10%
Pour Temperature: 190 Degrees F
No Additives Required
90% Coconut/ 10% Vegetable
Solid Slab Form
NO Paraffin

***Containers Not included. Decorative cans may be purchased separately***

With proper wicking, coconut wax may leave a thin layer of wax on the sides of your containers. This is natural. Using a larger wick size will cause the wax to burn too hot and not be as clean burning. You will generally need to wick down 1 size from what you would use with a soy candle. As always, proper testing is key to a great burning candle.

*****Coconut wax is too soft to work for wax melts / tarts or pillar candles********

For the best results: Melt wax to 200 degrees, add fragrance below flash point and pour right away.

The two common questions about coconut wax “What’s different between coconut oil and wax?” and “Doesn’t coconut wax smell of coconut”?.- The answer is NO.
Our coconut wax uses use a hydrogenated and refined coconut oil. The refining process removes the coconut scent, while hydrogenation increases the melt point substantially from ~75 ºF to ~100 ºF. The coconut oil is then blended with other natural vegetable waxes to bring up the melt point further to avoid any 'liquefying' issues. In summary, coconut wax is a high melt-point coconut oil and other natural waxes blended to achieve a wax that’s solid at room temperature. The inclusion of the coconut oil leads to a wax that burns very evenly compared to others, and more slowly too.

Cure Time: An extended cure time is not required with our natural coconut wax. Let candles sit for 2-3 days. Some have reported good results when burning their candles the next day!